About Us

Our Story

We started as a local watch store here in Northern Utah. We were doing great! That is up until the point where online shopping took over. We noticed that the sale of general watches started to decline and most of our business was repairing watches or tracking down specialty watches for collectors. We realized that in order to stay in business we had to take it online. At first we offered our regular product collection that comprised of just about every watch you could think of. We ended up being in direct competition with some of the biggest retailers online. We knew we had to set ourselves apart from the heard in order to stay in business. At that point we tried discounting all of our timepieces to the point where we were making pennies.
We have always been involved in the community and we actually run a nonprofit aside from this store. We wanted to give more back. We brainstormed for months on how we could still run our nonprofit, keep our store, and make a living in this business.
In the end we found a solution to not only our circumstances, but we also found a solution to help those who help others on a daily basis. While we still have our watch shop here in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, we have focused our online portion of the business to finding timepieces that help provide a solution for those in need of a unique timepiece, and here we are 12 years later. We have had a very warm welcome to the online community, and we are able to pursue our passions, running our own business while also giving back. We have made strong relationships with some of the biggest brands and also the biggest shipping companies. Through these relationships we are able to offer a high quality product that helps, offer it at lower prices, and also offer free shipping.
We feel so blessed that our business has evolved to this level. We hope you enjoy our service as much as we do. Thank you for taking the time to read our story!